All materials supplied by Regal Aerospace are traceable to the OEMs, FAA 121/129 carriers, and FAA 145 repair stations with the applicable FAA 8130, JAA/EASA Form 1 and/or other airworthiness documentations attached.
Regal Aerospace has an extensive inventory of more than 200,000 line items in new, overhauled, and serviceable conditions. These materials consist of Airframe, Engine, Ratable, Avionics, and Expendables which support aircraft and engines manufactured by

- Boeing( B707,B727, B737, B757, B747, B767),
- Douglas(DC8, DC9, MD80, DC10, MD11),
- Airbus(A300,A310,A320,A330,A340), and
- related engines and components by RR, GE, P & W.